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What a few days it has been! The weekend was quite nice, actually. I got some shopping and cleaning done, and rearranged a few things in the bathroom. I finally feel that it is perfect, and I'm very proud of it. I'll share some photos later in the post.

Monday we got a gym membership and I had my first workout in ages and ages. It was really wonderful. I was exhausted and sore, but it felt really good to get my body moving. Sadly, yesterday the headache and dizziness struck again so I've been homebound and in bed for most of the past two days. I've got my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be better. I've an MRI scheduled tomorrow afternoon and I have an appointment with a neurologist set for Monday. Hopefully I'm on the road now to figuring out what is going on with my head.

Feeling a bit groggy from my medication so for now, here are some pictures:

Onward to more pictures.Collapse )
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I've got a blog which I've managed to update a handful of times. I've a Tumblr which I actually use now. And yet here sits my first social media love, my LJ, unused. No one really thinks about or uses Livejournal anymore I suppose. I remember a time when it was all the rage and now it's like a ghost town. Still, I can't let it go. I must always have it here, waiting, just in case. While Facebook and Twitter demand we condense our thoughts to a few sentences, blogs seem to demand a central idea or at least an entry that is "about" something, and Tumblr is some sort of amalgam of all of the forms of social media in existence... here I could say anything. Nothing too mundane, nothing too grand, nothing too trivial, nor too personal. Short entries or rambling novellas.

Maybe there is still a place for you this, yes? Anything that encourages me to write, in any form. I feel that fire right now and I need to make sure I do not let it go this time. I was meant to pour out words, to create something from them. But creativity is like a muscle and can grow weak without use.

Rambling already. I sometimes need to do that this time of night, while Roger sits next to me in bed playing a game, and I've taken my medication for yet another headache, the cause of which doctors still have not found. I ramble. It's good though. Shake out the cobwebs, sort out thoughts.

I'll be trying to use this more often. Including reading my friends list, if any of you still use this. Don't want anyone being throw off by my suddenly commenting on their posts after a million year absence haha!
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My poor, neglected Livejournal. I have not used it in so long and when I do, it's to post about my new blog.

I've been wanting to start a new Blogspot blog for some time and finally got around to it today. Here is the link:


Please do visit, and if you're on Blogspot, do leave your link here so I can follow you.

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There’s music in her fingertips
And the world is her instrument
Because she knows how to play
No other
But each step is a dance unto itself
Perfectly in tune with the music
That flows from her mind and to those
Ever wandering fingertips
She is both
Musician and listener
She moves the music and
The music moves her
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Now in this late hour, my love slumbering peacefully beside me
I find I can not sleep
My head too full of beauty
My heart too full of love.
I want to interrupt the velvet silence of the night
To shout my joys for all the world to hear
And yet I dare not move and disturb that halcyon visage
The serenely dreaming face of my darling
That most beautiful vision
And the commonplace yet beloved sounds of his sleep that serve to remind me each night
He is my home.
Breathing in deeply as though trying to breathe nothing but the scent of him,
I nestle into his sleeping arms and close my eyes
My heart bursting in the most sweetly gentle explosion
And once more whisper my love, hoping my voice will find its way into his dreams.

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His scent. I want to commit it to memory every day. And the feel of his skin on mine. I held him from behind as be played bass just now, trying to memorise how the back of his neck felt on my face, how it smells. I nestled my nose into his hair, breathing in deeply. I want to remember it all. Completely. Always.

This love. This man. It completes me. It makes me more than I am. It makes this existence something magical.

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Over a year since my last post. I always keep this, always meaning to utilise it. Maybe I will now.
So what's new, you may ask? Well if you're not on my Facebook then you may not know this: on March 18 I married my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life.

Roger and I met in high school. We went out for three weeks and then I, being sixteen and stupid, broke it off because I thought, "Who meets the love of their life at sixteen?"

As it turns out, I had. Over the years that followed I tried to win him back but he was wary. At times we were friends. Sometimes even more. But by the time I was twenty we had lost touch entirely.

I thought of him over the years, wondered where he'd ended up. When I moved home in 2009, I looked for him on Facebook to no avail.

And then came January. Chance meeting with an old friend whereupon she happened to mention his name. I was shocked to find someone who was in touch with him and got his number. I texted immediately and to my surprise, he called right away.

We talked all night. We met up the next. I have seen him every day that has followed. We were nigh inseperable immediately. I knew the moment I heard his voice that I still loved him and always would.

And so on March 18, fourteen years to the day after we first became "officially" boyfriend and girlfriend, I married the most amazing man I've ever known, the love of my life, my Roger.

Sure there's other news but for now that's what you really need to know.

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I'll be mailing Christmas cards soon.  If you'd like one, just leave your address in the comments to this post.  I'll screen them and delete once I've got your address.
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 Which reminds me, if you are in Austin and searching or an apartment, avoid Club at Summer Valley.  I've been miserable here.  

Or maybe it's just Austin that I hate.

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Seriously.  I felt like ass yesterday, too, and stayed home from work because of it.   I can't miss another day.  And the stupid car is in the shop.  Again.  Yesterday was crap.
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