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people ignore the strange and unusual

i myself am strange and unusual

Samantha Seryn Rios
7 December 1981
prior LJ username: samanthanoir

Lover: wife, stepmum, daughter, friend. Lover of fashion, makeup, food and drink, music, dance, and art.
Oddity: fascinated by the paranormal, the macabre, darkness, abandoned places, old things, other oddities, tales of vampires, and things that go bump in the night.
Rebel: silly, full of childlike wonder, lover of blanket forts, fireflies and playgrounds. A bit of hippie, I love nature and believe in love, beauty, and peace.
Geek: Whovian, rennie, lover of comic book characters.
Adventurer: ever ready for a new experience, a new place; a lover of travel.
I am both artist and art, an ever-growing collection of memories, scraps, scars, moments; built of love and joy and pain and wonder. And so are you.